Talos Packaging Systems, UK market leaders in end-of line packaging services provision, have announced their intention to work with Lachenmeier on several forthcoming projects. With over fifty years’ experience in manufacturing state of the art pallet wrapping machine and film technology, Lachenmeier will add to the wealth of experience already present at Talos, who are the sister company of polythene manufacturer Marpak Extrusions.

This partnership leaves Talos well placed to continue offering comprehensive, high quality packaging solutions to its clients. Moreover, given the ever-increasing demand for such end-of-line equipment across Europe, the Leeds-based company look set to build on their market leading status and phenomenal networking ability during what should be an exciting period of growth.

Also setting Talos apart is its ability to provide customised transport simulation equipment to customers, which can not only help to minimise the damage done to products during delivery but also prevent the running of costly trial shipments. Such logistical services are sought after by companies from a variety of sectors, particularly those who need to transport palletised goods on public highways.

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